Strength Training Program

8 week strength training program to build on the main lifts (back squat, shoulder press, deadlft, and bench press) learning how to lift safely and properly to increase strength and athleticism.

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Participant Waiver Form
1. By participating in classes at Fitbox Crosstraining participants acknowledge the physical and mental rigors associated with strenuous exercise as part of the classes and risks and dangers associated with the same which include, without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury, death or other damage injury. Participants assume all such risks and responsibility for damages, liabilities, losses or expenses which participate they incur as a result of participation.
2.Participants agree to assume full responsibility for any injury or damages sustained while participating in any training class offered at Fitbox Crosstraining at participant sole risk and discretion. Participant shall abide by the terms of this agreement.
3. Participants acknowledge that there is a risk of injury associated with participation in any exercise program and that there exists the possibility for certain conditions occurring during or following training and or exercise. They may include, but not limited to, mild light-headedness, fainting, abnormalities of blood pressure or heart rate, ineffective heart function in rare instances, heart attack, stroke or death. The reaction of the cardiovascular system to such activity cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. Any recommendation for changed in diet, exercise or routine are entirely the responsibility or the participant and participant should consult a physician prior to undergoing any fitness health changes.
4. As with any fitness program and or changes to routine, participant assumes certain risks to health and safety by participating in strenuous exercise activities. It is strongly recommended that participant receive a medical clearance from his/her private physician prior to starting or participating in an exercise training program and or training programs that are not designed for individuals with known heart disease or without functional impairment.
5. Any fitness program includes possible risks and all exercises shall be undertaken at participants sole risk and discretion.
6. Participants assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries or losses that may be sustained or incurred, if any, while participating in any of the fitness programs at Fitbox or physical activity. Participants waive all claims against owner and staff, Fitbox Crosstraining, and each their respective instructors, owner, and any of the aforementioned, and the Landlord(s) of the center in which the gym is located against all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, or causes of action, whatsoever to person or property arising out of connected to the location, services, facilities, exercise classes and or the gym where name is located.
7. Participants agree to indemnify, defend, hold harmless, release and discharge. Releases from and against any and all liability, or loss, damage, harm, injury (including health problems, injury and or death), cost or expense which may occur including, without limitation, attorneys fees, costs, and expenses of any litigation, arbitration or other proceeding, resulting from preparation for or participation in participants workouts.
8.There is increased risk of injury by performing activity incorrectly, especially if participant have existing health problem or physical conditions. It is participants responsibility to ensure they do not exceed their physical limits or over-exert themselves. Information and instruction provided during any of the physical exercise training, classes, activities, services, and or workouts is not, or intended to be interpreted as, health or medical advice as is not a replacement of advice or treatment by a health professional or physician.
9. Participant must be at least 15 years of age or have legal guardian or consent to participate in classes.
10. Fitbox Crosstraining reserves the right to limit, modify or terminate the terms and rules thereof at any time.
11. Memberships are non-transferable or refundable. Holds can not be retrograded meaning we need a start and end date (even if its tentative) to the hold before it can start.
11.a)Membership hold policy:  Members with a ONE year membership can be put on hold for a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of four weeks TOTAL per calendar year. ***Certain circumstances may apply***
b) If you require more than the four weeks you will be required topay a $30 extended hold fee every four weeks thereafter. ***There are no holds for 6 or 9 month memberships***
c) Member hold requests MUST be received at least 24hrs prior via email to . Once received the hold will be placed within 1 business day of receiving the request.
d) Cancellation of memberships MUST be sent via email to at least 30 days prior to requested date of cancellation. Any cancellations received after the required 30 day notice will have a minimum one month dues withdrawl.
e) NSF/Declined status of electronic funds withdrawl will be charged a $20 fee. 
12. Make Fitbox aware of any restrictions, injuries, limitations, medical concerns or conditions.
13. Fitbox Crosstraining marks are registered trademarks of Maryann Puliz, Sole Proprietor, Copyright 2018.

Policies and Etiquette:
General:All new members must complete a waiver to participate either online at TRIIB or in person prior to participating in a class. You must use your legal name on the waiver and or parent/guardian must complete waiver for those 16 and under. Please advise us of any injuries, ailments, disabilities, high blood pressure and or pregnancy.

All prices are subject to change without notification. Class schedule is subject to change based on instructor availability.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Registering for a class: Please use our sign up at for early morning classes. 6am and or any class before 9am must be registered/booked in online for that class. Please do not sign in just prior to the early class as if no one is signed in class willnot run.  If there are no clients signed in by 5am the class will not run. Being that warly you should know whether or not you are attending at that point. Currently we are not charging for cancelling a class if not able to make it...however that could change if members abuse the system/priviledge.

Lateness: Please try to not be late. The warmup is an important part of the class, designed to get your muscles warm and ready prior to class to prevent injury. If you are more than 10mins late you may join the class after a self-lead warmup. You should be dressed and ready to start your session at scheduled time.

Attire and Behaviour:
Please remove all rings, bracelets and or necklaces that can be dangerous and scratch equipment. Please have proper indoor runners/shoes. NO OUTDOOR SHOES on mats.

We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or disrespectful behaviour of any kind directed at either instructors or students. Such behaviour will result in removal from the class and you may not be welcome back. This is a safe, inclusive, judgement free space for people of all fitness levels to work out and feel good in their body.

Thank you
Fitbox Staff